Welcome to Maximes Athletics's official webshop. Maximes Athletics is Copenhagen's first original fitness lifestyle apparel brand. The brand was born out of the desire to go beyond the status quo in the fitness apparel industry by the merging of functionality, luxurious fabrics and a clean Scandinavian design. 

Maximes Athletics is a high-end fitness apparel brand with a modern, luxurious feel and look. Our main focus is to deliver fitness apparel with a sophisticated touch and great stylish look, which is both functionally and design-wise adapted to the active fitness lifestyle. We offer fitness apparel, which is developed to deliver comfort during, before and after workouts. 

Furthermore, our vision is to deliver first class service, which is why we always welcome any kind of questions or requests. In Denmark we offer costumer service via our phone, email and Facebook Page. Looking for some unique joggers, t-shirts, fashionable hoodies or a tracksuit? Try our web shop or get inspiration via our social media channels. We also always offer free delivery in Denmark. 



Maximes Athletics sizes follow the Standard European Size format. Since our products are tailored for people that practise the fitness lifestyle, we would recommend you to send us an email with your height and weight. 

For size inquiries contact: