Copenhagen-born Fitness Lifestyle

June 07, 2016

Copenhagen-born Fitness Lifestyle

Right now, we are sitting in a little basement, a secret place in Copenhagen. Tomorrow night, we have a little sneak peak party. The last two days we have worked really hard on everything from our web shop to our compact little warehouse.

For us, tomorrow night symbolizes relief. After two years of hard work with Maximes Athletics, nothing can explain the mental state of relief that we will enter tomorrow night (friday, June 24th). 

What to say, we really hope people will like our vision, our fitness apparel, the design. We have put our hearts in quality, and we hope people will notice the fact that we have not thought about anything but premium fabrics, details and design, even though we know it is gonna be difficult to see without feeling it first. 

Lots of love, Maximes


Maximes Athletics sizes follow the Standard European Size format. Since our products are tailored for people that practise the fitness lifestyle, we would recommend you to send us an email with your height and weight. 

For size inquiries contact: