About us


Copenhagen-based underground brand


MAXIMES ATHLETICS is a high-end fitness apparel brand with a modern touch and functional design. We strive every day to deliver fashionable fitness apparel with a sophisticated touch and great Scandinavian design, which is both functionally and design-wise adapted to the active fitness life. Our entire collection is limited edition. We offer fitness apparel products that are developed to deliver comfort during, before and after workouts. We take pride in our city, Copenhagen, and we strive to adapt everything around our collection to reflect the quality and the sporty subculture of the city. 

Streets made us - Our inspiration 

Maximes Athletics collaborates with athletes from Copenhagen, Miami and Rio De Janeiro in order to create contemporary products. The stocks of these collaborations are limited edition. Our main focus is to develop partnerships that reflect our vision to compress quality, design and a great fit into each and every product, without compromising the functionality.  

Maximes Athletics brings fashion, luxury, streets, music and art together in a holistic and balanced fashion to create the ultimate product for people that sacrifices sweat, blood and tears in order to achieve greatness. The mission of the brand is to go beyond status quo and see the ordinary perspectives differently. While MAXIMES ATHLETICS aims to create fitness apparel that reflects the current and future state of fashion, quality still remains Maximes Athletics key performance indicator.




We strive to invest in R&D to optimize the products. We call it the Street R&D. We get in touch with athletes in different  CPH neighborhoods, to get their view on specially functionality. That is one of the main reasons why all our products have zippers. Too many athletes walks around the gym with a phone, but not zippers to made sure it is placed safely when lifting, doing push-ups, etc. Maximes Athletics acknowledge the importance of high quality fabric technology, since comfort after all is the major performance indicator when it comes to fitness apparel.

Looking for some unique joggers, t-shirts, fashionable hoodies or a tracksuit? Try our web shop or get inspiration on our social media channels.



Maximes Athletics sizes follow the Standard European Size format. Since our products are tailored for people that practise the fitness lifestyle, we would recommend you to send us an email with your height and weight. 

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