MaxTech Hoodie

Size Guide

Design & Fitting 

The MaxTech Hoodie features a tri-blend  material, which is designed and tailored to fit an active lifestyle.
Besides the look and feel that the MaxTech Hoodie possess, the hoodie is made for an active lifestyle, also under changing weather conditions.

The MaxTech Hoodie reflect Maximes Athletics vision to bring out superior fit and structure through its tri-blend material, which provides comfort and flexibility. 

The MaxTech Hoodie is tailored to highlight your body structure. 
You are able to wear the MaxTech Hoodie to and from training and during outdoor workouts. Furthermore, the design and quality makes it suitable for other purposes as well.



  • MaxTech tri-blend fabric
  • 18% Rayon, 76% Polyester & 6% Spandex
  • Full Zip Pockets 
  • 460 gsm
  • Embroidered Logo

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Maximes Athletics sizes follow the Standard European Size format. Since our products are tailored for people that practise the fitness lifestyle, we would recommend you to send us an email with your height and weight. 

For size inquiries contact: